The real estate company Sela Binui is expanding and will recruit dozens of employees for a variety of positions

Sela Binui is one of the leading real estate companies in Israel and operates in a number of different segments, including initiation and implementation, urban renewal, income-generating properties, utility vehicles, and more. The company is constantly growing and is building projects spread throughout the country from north to south.


Lee Avni, director of human resources at Sela Binui, said: “The blessed growth presents us with goals and challenges in regards to the recruitment of quality personnel and therefore we have adapted to ourselves targeted recruitment processes and no less important, employee retention while professional advancement and paying great attention to the well-being of the company’s employees and their families. Companies From the outside, they call us ‘the high-tech of real estate companies’ and I think we really live up to the promise that lies in that nickname.”


The nursery project of Sela Binui in Jerusalem


According to her, the rapid growth of the company resulted in extensive recruitments in a variety of fields and professions. In 2021, the company recruited over 70 new employees and doubled its workforce. “Currently we have about 50 open positions for the positions of foremen, executive engineers, logistic assistants, project managers, architects, marketing positions and more. We use a wide variety of recruitment platforms in order to reach and recruit the best candidates, without compromise.


Li Avni – courtesy of Sela Binui


“In recent months, we have seen a significant increase in the number of candidates who contact us through the company’s employees after being exposed to our welfare and fun activities, to growth, to winning centers and especially to the sense of family that characterizes the company. Beyond that, the company strongly believes in the advancement of its employees and therefore it can be seen that most of the officials In the company they grew and grew together with her and today they are the ones who lead the company forward.”