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The innovative neighborhood that connects its residents to the beautiful natural treasures

Advertising article Mako|09.03.2023

If you had asked the residents of Kiryat Bialik just a decade ago if they would have believed that next to the old land, which is surrounded by beautiful nature reserves in Israel, streams and archaeological sites, a prestigious residential neighborhood that connects to nature would be built – they would not have believed it. This is exactly the story of the Afka neighborhood: a breathtaking area that reinvents itself, and changes the entire northern region as we have known it so far.


Image: Courtesy of Sela Binui


From a local council established in the 1950s, which became an official city in 1976, Kiryat Bialik is in the midst of an accelerated process of population growth, and this is reflected in extensive and high-quality construction. According to the roof agreement signed with Rami in 2014, 7,253 housing units will be marketed in the city in an expedited process that is expected to double the number of residents in the city – from 45,000 to 109,000.


“In recent years, Kiryat Bialik has become the next thing in the field of real estate,” Eli Dukorski, mayor of Kiryat Bialik, declared at the beginning of the year, “the roof agreement and the urban renewal plans have given a boost to the construction boom in the city.”


The development boom is currently taking place in three new neighborhoods, the most prominent of which is Navot Afek, now called Afka. The neighborhood is part of the expansion of the city east of the Tzur Shalom neighborhood and the Kiryot bypass road to Nahal Naaman. Today, 2,000 housing units are already inhabited in Afka, and 4,570 more are expected to be built there.


The new Afka neighborhood in Kiryat Bialik | Image: Courtesy of Sela Binui


At the same time as the massive construction of thousands of housing units, there is a great deal of investment in the development of infrastructure, traffic routes through bridges and bicycle paths, the establishment of public institutions, including the Great Synagogue: a new and magnificent synagogue that spans two floors in an area of 410 square meters and allows the residents of the neighborhood religious services nearby their home Another and significant emphasis placed in the region is on educational institutions, in order to strengthen the family community values: kindergartens, three elementary schools, a special education school, a high school with 48 classes and a community day center.


As mentioned, the new neighborhood is surrounded on all sides by Israel’s most beautiful nature reserves, streams and archeological sites that make common trips and neighborhood gatherings more accessible than ever and community life unique. The residents of the area have easy access to the attractions that are adjacent to the neighborhood such as the Ein Afek National Park, Tel Afek, the Crusader Flour Mill, Nahal Naaman Park and the Nahal Gadora Gorge. In addition, the neighborhood enjoys a tremendous advantage of being connected to main transportation arteries in the north: it is located to the east and next to highway 22 bypassing Kiryat (and the only one that enjoys a direct connection to it). The attractive location allows residents quick access that connects them to the main transportation routes of the north: Route 4, Route 6, Route 22 and Route 79.


The Sela Binui company from the old Amnon Sela group recognized the tremendous potential that lies in the area, after it finished selling the Sela-B project in the neighborhood last year, as well as within the “price for the tenant” program, with two 22- and 24-story towers comprising 230 housing units.


“Sela-B today integrates perfectly and balanced into the unique mosaic of the neighborhood – towers alongside low-rise buildings, a combination of an urban landscape in the heart of a green neighborhood,” says Tomer Ullman, Sela Binui’s VP of Marketing, “the project, which was based on a total, luxurious and unique design Compromising, and designed by Avril Architects, Avril was delivered last year and successfully occupied.’


These days, Sela Binui continues to build the new residential district, “Afka Park”, which is expected to incorporate luxury residences, along with OPEN Afka for the benefit of the residents of the neighborhood: a huge 4-story center that will include trade and employment with health services, the new neighborhood shopping center OPEN – Walk&Buy , cafes, restaurants, a gym and other leisure shops.


OPEN Afka: the commercial center that will be used for the well-being of the residents of the neighborhood | Image: Courtesy of Sela Binui


Sela Binui was joined by the Barel Group and Zur Israel, initiation and construction companies with great experience and high standards. As part of the construction of the neighborhood, over 1,600 housing units will be built in a diverse mix: the “Tops” project – two 27-story luxury towers facing the open views of the Ein Afek Reserve and the Mediterranean Sea, and two 6-story boutique buildings. In the “Kedem” project, 6 carefully planned 9-story buildings will be built with high, spacious spaces and a high level of finish. In all the projects, buyers will be able to choose between 3-5 room apartments, garden apartments, single floor mini-penthouses and enjoy premium luxury complexes.


“The apartments in the project are designed in a unique architectural design with the most well-known and successful names in Israel: master architect Ilan Pivko, Guy Miloslavsky, Yaniv Pardo and the Hadas Architecture and Design Studio in the North. A lot of emphasis was placed on careful and functional planning, green and economical architecture and a unique design that is adapted to the natural environment, so that the tenants can enjoy a good quality of life and an advanced living experience,” says Ullman, “the winning combination of three real estate companies that build thousands of housing units throughout the country, makes the The Afka Park residential project is a highly sought-after project that promises families a new and advanced residential experience that they have never met before.’


Kedem project: a high level of finish, green and economical that integrates naturally with the nature reserves of the area | Image: Courtesy of Sela Binui


For more details about Afka Park, leave details here >>


“Sela Binui” from the Amnon Sela Group has been engaged in the initiation and construction of residential, commercial and office projects in Israel and abroad for 20 years, and specializes in identifying potential construction sites. “We bring with us a winning combination of uncompromising execution quality and dedicated customer service, along with luxurious and rich specifications,” adds Ullman, “the company has built and is building thousands of luxury units in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Herzliya, Rishon Lezion, Haifa, Ashdod, Jerusalem and many other cities Across the country. All the projects are praised by the buyers even years after occupancy. Now Sela Binui is bringing its customer experience and its unique standards to Kiryat Bialik, which is in the midst of accelerated development, as part of ‘Park Afka’, which brings together the wonderful natural treasures of the northern region with an innovative, progressive and uncompromising living experience.”


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